Username in Rails routes

This seems to be a popular question on #[email protected] IRC channel. I decided to give it a go in a dummy app and this is what I ended up with in my routes.rb.

Routes::Application.routes.draw do
  resources :users, :only => [:index, :create, :new]
  match ":username/edit", :to => "users#edit", :as => "edit_user", :via => :get
  match ":username", :to => "users#show", :as => "user", :via => :get
  match ":username", :to => "users#update", :as => "user", :via => :put
  match ":username", :to => "users#destroy", :as => "user", :via => :delete

All references to :id are replaced with :username instead. I also had to add this in the model to change the resource identifier that Rails uses in urls from the number id to the username.

def to_param

In the controller every occurence of User.find(params[:id]) had to be changed to User.where(:username => params[:username]).first. This needs to be done as the controller now receives params[:username] instead of params[:id]. Even though this works, I wonder if there’s a cleaner way of doing this.